Get your new product or service noticed in one of these portable clear bubble tents.

  • small vehicles..cars and motorbikes
  • office equipment , computers etc
  • furniture
  • fashion releases
  • new release toys
  • work stations for accountants etc in shopping centres


Whatever your product or service get it noticed in one of these awesome bubble tents.

Great for school fetes and fairs for raffles

Fill the bubble tent with balloons and lights and have your raffle prize displayed in the centre. Selling tickets to guess the number of balloons is a great way to raise funds.

Bookings also include:

  • santa’s grotto
  • easter egg displays
  • architecture and building displays e.g new highrise model displays
  • gaming venues for chess, poker games, even ping pong
  • small generator available to power blower to inflate

These bubble tents are popular at expo and trade events to showcase a company and its goods and services. Catch potential customers’ eyes with one of these awesome clear display tents.

Clear Tent

Stand out from the pack with our new 5 metre wide clear bubble tent.


  • Diameter 5 metre plus doorway.
  • Zippered doorway
  • Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin treated with fire retardant  and waterproof
  • Entry supported by metal frame for safety.

Available for hire overnight, daily, weekly  and monthly. Prices on application.

When enquiring please provide details on proposed use.

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