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Woodfired Pizza Oven Hire

We have several woodfired pizza oven trailer options available on a DIY basis with full instructions either with or without any of our combo options. These custom built trailers are perfect for a backyard celebration as well as for a myriad of business and corporate

functions. The woodfired pizza oven trailer always becomes the centre of the party and  encourages guests to get involved with the woodfired cooking process. There is nothing better than piping hot woodfired pizza washed down with your favourite drink.

All of our woodfired pizza oven trailers and trolleys are DIY and come with easy to follow instructions at delivery plus a pizza peel, pizza cutter and ten stainless steel bowls to use for your toppings. We include enough firewood for you to pre-heat the oven for 90 minutes plus 3 hours cooking time. Extra bags of firewood are available at $15.40 each.

We have a great menu/pricelist for fresh bakery pizza bases as well as top of the range hand-stretched Letizza pizza bases, all parbaked to make your cooking experience a breeze. Also on our menu/pricelist is our Italian 4kg tins of pizza sauce at $18 per tin.

If you are unsure of toppings ideas please ask for our sample toppings list. We can also assist with quantities once you have your guest list numbers.

Pizza Oven

Inventory of woodfired pizza oven trailers and trolleys and prices

(excludes delivery fee)

a. single oven woodfired pizza trailer narrow access 1.3 metres wide $300 incl gst
b. single oven woodfired pizza trailer 1.8 metres wide $300 incl gst
c. double oven woodfired pizza trailer 2.2 metres wide $550 incl gst
d. single oven woodfired pizza trailer/6 pan refrigerated servery bar $480 incl gst
e. single oven woodfired pizza trailer with cold plate for ice-creamery $330 incl gst
f. woodfired pizza oven trailer PLUS outdoor movie system $715 incl gst

All pricing is overnight hire and excludes delivery fees. Extra nights’ hire are available starting from $66 per night.

Woodfired Pizza Add-Ons Available!

Other add-ons can be delivered with your woodfired pizza oven including tables/chairs, beanbags, popcorn machines, fairy floss machines, chocolate fountains, hot dog grillers and griddles, group one coffee machine with grinder and much more.

We have a menu/pricelist for all ingredients for the popcorn, fairy floss, chocolate fountain and hot dog grillers.

Ice Cream Trailer
Woodfire Pizza Oven
Woodfire Oven

For a complete evening’s entertainment why not double up on the fun with our package deal which includes the single oven woodfired pizza trailer plus one of our standard outdoor movie systems with 4 metre screen, sound and projection priced at $660 plus delivery fee.

Delivery time can be anytime on the day and collection next day by arrangement.  All trailers are delivered and no self- tow is available.

Some tips on selecting the right trailer:

  • If your oven is heated according to instructions your pizzas will cook in approx. 90 seconds if cooking one at a time. Our ovens will cook 3 x medium sized pizzas at a time in around two and a half minutes.
  • For larger events we have the double oven trailer which will put out around 120 pizzas per hour once you are familiar with the ovens. This trailer is 2.2 metres wide x 3 metres long plus the drawbar and weighs over 1.5 tonne.
  • Our single oven woodfired pizza trailer with the onboard 6 pan refrigerated servery at the rear will make your woodfired cooking experience a breeze. This trailer also has a huge front prep deck area and inbuilt clean up sink. Guests simply prepare their pizzas at the rear servery bar which will keep your toppings chilled.
  • If access is an issue perhaps the trolley mounted oven is the answer. This oven comes with a trolley and can be taken through a standard doorway.

If in doubt give us  call at The Party Cave and we can help selecting the right oven for you.